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I am so excited to welcome Global Rescue on board as one of our sponsors! It is always a pleasure to do business with a company you have been working with for years, even when they were not sponsors. I first saw Global Rescue in action when they took care of my great friend and hunting buddy Dennis Anderson, when he had some sudden trouble with his heart while hunting in Africa. Their quick reaction time and providing a well trained person to take care of him from the time of the first call until he was safely home was nothing less than amazing. I’ll be honest, I had seen another friend in Cameroon have a similar situation and he was not using Global, but one of their competitors and he was lucky he survived the ordeal. I of course switched my whole family to Global way back then and have been very happy with the service I have witnessed first hand ever since. Sign up today before your next trip. The best investment you will ever make is in this insurance plan.




Have you ever been on a hunting trip and someone in camp shows up with abox or two of random ammo, [sometimes it doesn’t even match] that they bought at the sporting goods store just before they left town and they haven’t even sighted in their rifle yet? As of today there is no reason for this to ever happ again! Spread the word brethren, Choice Ammunition is in the house!!! Now it’s as easy as picking up the phone or going on line and ordering custom ammunition in a variety of popular bullets for all your favorite calibers and it is delivered to your door. How awesome is that! I am not a hand loader so I really appreciate the fact that I am now getting hand loaded accuracy and reliability from Choice Ammunition. No more going to the store and they do not have what I wennt. Doing what I do, especially with the dangerous critters, I can’t be taking chances with cheap ammo. Ammo has become very hard to come by in the past few years and I am so happy to have restocked my safe with quality Choice Ammunition that will last me for years. I have used Choice for the past season on everything from Cape Buffalo with my 375 H&H to high volume culling warthog and wildebeest along with a truck load of plains game with my 7mm Rem Mag and the unbelievable results will be on air this season. Simply incredible and MADE IN MONTANA, USA. or call toll free 844-446-ammo